This *** web designer took almost $400 to put together a website for my business. After 5 months of calling, getting no answer or return call, I finally gave up on him.

Rob Dewey never finished my site, and now I have to pay someone else to do what he was supposed to. This man should not be doing business with the public. Do not let this man fool you. He is not what he says he is.

Self-taught web designer, supposed former social worker. This man can not be trusted. After doing some research, it has been discovered that Rob Dewey also does not file his taxes each year. How can a man do business and dodge the IRS?

I would think twice about going to Pegasus Ventures for your web design needs.

And, don't get me going on how rude and mouthy he is! Thinks he is right about everything.

Monetary Loss: $395.

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Six Lakes, Michigan, United States #953157

We too got took by Rob Dewey and pegasus ventures. Lazy good for nothing didn't do anything for us and when we called he ignored calls for months...then we called from a friends phone and he pretended it wasn't him but proceeded to tell us off. Ran off with money and didn't do the work.

Walker, Michigan, United States #717869

That would be the know it all known as Rob Dewey.He is rude,lazy,and complete genius in his mind.I got burned by him too.Never again though.

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